live your own life

open road

My neighbor said something to me this weekend that wasn’t necessarily profound, but definitely turned a switch in my head.  I was walking the dog, and complaining to him about how my boyfriend likes to sleep in until 2 or 3 in the afternoon some weekends.  While he sleeps, I feel like I need to be quiet in the house and wait for him to wake up so that we can do something fun together.  What Bob said to me was:

When you live with someone whose sleep schedule is so different from yours, you just have to live your own life.”

DUH!  How had I never looked at it this way before?  With that in my head, I walked back home, packed a bag, said goodbye to rip van winkle, and headed to the lake by myself.  Well, my parents and siblings were there so I guess I wasn’t alone, but I realized that all this time I’ve spent waiting for someone else to wake up was just wasted time.  I wait to start my day until he wakes up, hoping to spend time together all weekend.  What I should do instead, is wake up early and do the things I need or want to do that day.  If I want to go for a hike in the morning, and can’t wake him up, I need to just do it myself!  As I type this I realize how ridiculous it sounds, but for some reason, I just never got it until someone flat out said it to me. 

It just goes to show me that things I think are problems can sometimes be solved by looking at them a little bit differently.  If I can take the things that annoy me, and try to spin them into a positive somehow, maybe I can have little epiphanies like this more often.  Jon leaves a wake of wrappers and plates behind him…but he’s just helping me hone my cleaning skills.  Hmm, maybe not everything can be solved this way.


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