saturday ramblings

tucker's morning walk

lincoln park, 6am

This morning started off right with a little 2 mile walk with Tucker.  It’s nice to get him tired out before the day even really starts!  I used to run all the time with my parents dog (a black lab), but when we got tiny Tucker, it quickly became apparent that 1. those little legs were not meant for running miles with mommy, and 2. two miles is pretty much his max, and then he jumps up and wants to be carried the rest of the way.  I tooootally do not spoil my dog.  Smile  Anyways, it’s hard for me because there are a lot of mornings where I’d love to go for a run first thing, but I know I need to take him out, and by the time we are finished walking, I wake up enough to want breakfast, and then…the run never happens.  I’ve been wanting to develop more of an early morning work out routine, but the alarm clock hasn’t been my friend thus far.  But new workout schedules are what Mondays are for, right?

We have tons of delicious blueberries so I decided blueberry pancakes were in order for breakfast.  They turned out more like blueberries with a side of pancake.  Chock full of delicious fruit!!  I subbed honey for sugar in my normal pancake recipe and the sweetness of the berries was perfect!

breakfast 7.30breakfast 7.30 2

It felt good to have such a productive morning, but then I realized that we wouldn’t be able to make it to the lake due to commitments around here.  Hopefully we can head out next weekend instead.

Jon and I headed to a coffee shop in Lakewood which was so unique and hipster, definitely not your typical Starbucks.  The iced vanilla latte hit the spot, and we got about an hour of solid work done there before coming home, crashing on the couch, and watching the Olympics!!  I don’t care what sport is on, I love watching the games.

Tonight I’m really excited about making this pasta dish I saw on Our Best Bites.  Subbing thin slices of zucchini for pasta is GENIUS!  I love sneaking veggies into things like sauces, and this is another step up.  I tend to love on my carbs, so I think this recipe will be perfect!  I am planning on grilling some chicken to have on hand this week for salads and wraps, so I’ll probably toss some of that in instead of the tomatoes.  After dinner is date night, and I’m super pumped to see the new Batman movie.  Everyone has been raving about it, and I’ve been slacking on getting out to see it, so it should be a good time!  I hope everyone is having a great weekend too so far!!


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