my heads in the books, but my heart’s at the lake

tucker sleeps, i study

(Tucker sleeps, I study)

I’ve got a huge accounting test tonight, and I’m up and studying hard while my dog sleeps on my books, and my boyfriend crashes on the couch.  So much for sympathetic roomies!  I’ve been working so hard in this class, but summer courses are just so accelerated, that it’s taken everything I have to just keep my head above water.  I’m hoping my hard work will pay off tonight, and I can celebrate a little!  I feel like a blob, laying in bed studying all day, so a workout is definitely in order after my class.  There’s no better way to release the stress of a test than a little treadmill action!  I’ve been wanting to try a couple interval workouts, and I think tonight might be just the time to do it (if I don’t crash from my insane caffeine intake today)! 

Jon and I are planning on going up to the lake house this weekend, which will give me a MUCH needed break.  Even though I’ll have tons of homework to bring along, it will be SO much easier to do laying on the deck, with a couple boat rides or hikes to break things up.  I want to try and go to a flea market or antique shop while we’re up there, to get a couple things to spruce up the house.  It’s a little dated, and I know I could make a few simple updates to brighten things up! 

Sadly, I have to get back to studying, and stop daydreaming about a gorgeous lake house weekend!  I guess it’s good to have something to look forward to that motivates me to get this work done, but not when it’s so enticing that it distracts me from the books!


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